From a grape of character,
the purity of the wine

Speaking of wine in our land is so common to the point that wine is identified as the beverage par excellence.
Vinicola San Prospero feels like a custodian of cultural heritage, preserved and handed down by producers from generation to generation, which has been increasingly valued thanks to the attention and the wise care of lovers of the "vinification arts".

The wine sector has always been the strong point of Vinicola San Prospero. Our production takes a 360° view of domestic and foreign markets, proposing table wines, IGP, DOP, DOCG and organic wines, in a wide range covering many market segments, from sparkling wines to niche products, to satisfy the requests of an increasingly attentive and demanding clientele.

Our production flexibility allows the customer to have a product ready for packaging in a very short time and, therefore, to streamline the production process and reduce delivery times by optimizing technology and human resources.

Continuous improvement in quality and constant innovation have accompanied Vinicola San Prospero's work from the beginning, promptness and precision are the characteristics that distinguish us and reward us in today's markets.