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Winegrowers for half a century
with the same never-ending passion as always

There is a company on the border between the land of Emilia and that of Romagna at the foot of the cool Apennine hills, which has a sole objective: the enhancement of nature.

It is called Vinicola San Prospero S.R.L., named after an ancient village of Imola, and run by a family that is also rich in rural traditions.

It is here that you find the proper assimilation of the younger generation into the company, the prestige of a product which uses the most advanced research techniques and the utmost determination to strengthen the life giving connection that binds the Martelli family to its land.

Vinicola San Prospero celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015 while keeping the same spirit for developing innovation and quality improvement.

This philosophy has been transferred from the first to the second generation that today drives the company and looks to the future by proposing itself to the market with various solutions to satisfy customers.

  • Company area: 20,000 square metres
  • Warehouse: 31 million litres
  • Export countries: 22