Technology always
at the forefront

The company has the best technology available on the market in order to guarantee maximum respect for the raw material used.
Since its conception, Vinicola San Prospero has become a leading player in the sector using the most advanced technology.
Today, thanks to this technology, we are able to provide a wide range of increasingly refined and controlled products, with natural characteristics and dignity that represent the cornerstone of our production system.
Both the existing and the new generation plants with which we are equipped allow us to keep the characteristic features of the raw material used intact. Despite being an industrial process, our technological apparatus allows us to operate in strict respect for the environment with a low energy profile while maintaining a high quality standard.

Packaging and Logistics

Vinicola San Prospero can satisfy any type of customer need in terms of speed and safety of transport, relying on trustworthy partners selected over the years.

Vinicola San Prospero can offer the following types of packaging:

  • Aseptic BIB 3 - 20 litres
  • 225 litre metal drum
  • 215 litre aseptic metal drum
  • IBC in palletized plastic (various options) 1000 litres
  • IBC aseptic palletized plastic (various options) 1000 litres
  • 24,000 litre Flexitank
  • 25,000 litre insulated food tank