Quality in the service
of excellence

Among the primary objectives to be achieved, quality is certainly the most important.

What we mean by 'Quality':

  • Goodness and safety of the product
  • Guarantee to the customer and supplier
  • Sustainability of the entire supply chain and the environment in which we live.

Since 2005 we have chosen to follow the path of organic farming in our vineyards, to be proactive professionals in the selling and marketing of organic and biodynamic products and we have been certified since 2009.

We have been members of the SGF since 2002, a prominent German organization for voluntary internal-monitoring in juice production.

In 2014 we obtained ISO 22000 certification.

Our Laboratory

The chemical and qualitative control of wines, juices and concentrated musts is entrusted to the valuable experience of technicians who, assisted by the most modern instrumental analysis equipment, can perform a precise and rapid assessment of the products purchased and sold.

The internal laboratory has all the tools necessary for the analytical and sensory control of goods arriving from and being delivered to our business partners.